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Sedona is a diminutive northern Arizona town with a population of approximately 11,000 people. It is known for its magnificent landscapes of red rock sandstone, verdant foliage, and the tranquil Oak Creek which runs through the heart of downtown. This little mountain village also provides a wide variety of things to do—anything from a spa retreat to a wilderness hike, which is often both accomplished in the same day! Needless to say, it is the ideal place to challenge the body and mind, but also a haven for rest and relaxation in a one-of-a-kind environment. Enjoy access to all the best features of Sedona when you stay in our fantastically appointed Sedona vacation home rentals! Click here to check out our welcoming 3-bedroom vacation rentals. We also offer long term-rentals in Sedona for anyone looking to get away from the city!

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Sedona Vacation Homes for Rent & More

When our guests reserve a rental with us, we strive to make every amenity available to everyone, from accessible ADA features to complimentary parking and Wi-Fi. Our properties also come complete with luxurious amenities such as hot tubs and manicured gardens, and each one has those inimitable views of the red rock sandstone, such as the high-end Sedona Casa Pinon. Our Sedona vacation homes for rent feature several size selections depending on the size of your group or family. For example, we have several two-, three-, four- and five-bedroom properties, each one comfortably furnished and equipped with all the characteristics that you would find inside your very own home. All of our Sedona vacation home rentals are more isolated than hotel rentals and are regularly cleaned. Take a look at our newly built, gorgeous, modern home, the Sedona Canyon Terrace!

Premier Locations and Generous Amenities

We boast locations throughout Sedona, and we can help you select Sedona townhomes for rent based upon what you’d like to do most, whether it’s exploring the galleries of the Tlaquepaque Arts Village and Uptown, traversing the best hiking trails, or enjoying magnificent views right from the patio of your own vacation home. Our homes also come with fully-equipped kitchens—ideal for making snacks for an outdoor adventure or for crafting cocktails to have out by the hot tub. Each property is unique, but common outdoor amenities include fire pits and BBQ grills—perfect for cooking up an alfresco meal at home beneath the desert sunset.

At Home with Sedona.Org

Coming home to our Sedona.Org vacation home rentals feels like coming home to comfort. We have spent too many nights sleeping on lumpy beds or being unable to find a comfortable spot on the couch or at the dining table on our own vacations to ever do that to our clients. We make sure that guests can’t help but take a nap on the sofa as they are watching the big game on state-of-the-art televisions. Our dining rooms are designed to be the heart of the home, and when you and your family gather around the table to play a game, plan your next activity, or to devour a homemade meal recently prepared in our fully equipped kitchens, no one will be in any hurry to leave. Upholstered seats, bright lights, and views of the Sedona landscape are extra luxuries we just consider a part of the vacation experience guests deserve when they choose to stay with us. Speaking of kitchens, you can count on there being enough plates and glasses for every member of your family, and when you need a bottle opener for your beer or a corkscrew for your wine, just open the drawers, and like magic, they will be inside.

Our patios will always offer chairs for you to sit, sip, and savor the sun setting over the red rocks of Sedona, and chairs will always surround firepits, cornhole games will always have their bean bags, and that hammock that may be tied between two trees will always be available for a nap on a lazy afternoon. Our bathrooms will contain soft fluffy towels that feel good against slightly sunburned skin, updated fixtures, and good water pressure to ensure that all the shampoo is easily rinsed away. And at night, when the sky becomes a vast expanse of black interspersed with the twinkling lights of a billion stars, crawling into beds topped with soft linens and premium mattresses will easily entice you into a deep sleep. These tranquil spaces will also offer more views, more comforts, and the occasional en suite bath, perhaps including a soaking tub which will be the most popular spot in the home. Our homes ensure that you awaken each morning feeling refreshed, recharged, and ready to face a new day of Sedona adventures, some of which we will be discussing further down this page!

Sedona Attractions

Every single one of our vacation homes for rent in Sedona AZ is located close to everything that Sedona has to offer, from restaurants and casinos to shopping and nightlife. For outdoor enthusiasts, especially those adrenaline junkies, mountain biking the 12-mile Cathedral Rock Big Loop could be the perfect way to start your day. The Boynton Canyon Trail is another popular activity, but make sure to arrive at the trailhead early to avoid the crowds, especially in the summer. To see Sedona and its environs from the comfort of a vehicle, book a tour with Pink Jeep Tours. This outfitter takes visitors to all the must-see spots such as ancient ruins, the Chapel of the Holy Cross, and much more.

One-Of-A-Kind Art Galleries and Superb Local Dining

The natural splendor of Sedona has always called to the artistic soul, and as a result, you’ll find a wide range of world-renowned galleries showcasing everything from southwestern sculptures to breath-taking custom-made furniture. Pieces come from locals and international artists alike, and you can find many galleries within the Tlaquepaque Arts Village, a cluster of Spanish Colonial buildings and courtyards that is a work of art itself. When it comes to dining, Sedona is home to almost exclusively local restaurants, ranging from everything from authentic Mexican fare to classic diners. Standouts include the Hideaway Grill, a long-running Italian restaurant that offers splendid views of Oak Creek, and View 180, an elevated American fusion restaurant near Boynton Canyon Trail.

Sedona and Beyond

Sedona has the luxury of being nearby many spectacular sights, and they’re only a drive away! Just north of town embark on the 89A route to Flagstaff, which will take you along the meandering road up the famously scenic Oak Creek Canyon. Stop at swimming spots on the way and ride the switchback to the top where you will be treated to unbeatable views from the outlook at the summit. Continue on through ponderosa pine forests to the northern Arizona town of Flagstaff, where you can find a slew of local breweries, shops, and in the winter, skiing at the Arizona Snowbowl. A much shorter drive away you’ll find the old mining town of Jerome, which today embodies a bit of hippie flair mixed with historic Arizona. This unique town was quite literally built into the mountainside, and its winding roads are home to first-rate Arizona winery tasting rooms, boutique shops, restaurants, and plenty of ghost stories! For a taste of it all, visit The Haunted Hamburger restaurant, which has some of the best views in town from their glass-walled patio!

Why? When? & Where?

One of the main reasons to reserve Sedona vacation home rentals with us is the fact that we provide the entire package composed of convenience, class, and comfort. With this in mind, the next thing to do is choose the time of year in which to visit Sedona. In the winter, the temperatures are not necessarily the typical sunny weather often found in Arizona, but the rates, as well as the crowds, are far better during these colder months. Summer finds higher temperatures, larger crowds, but access to more of the outdoor adventures that visitors love. Spring and autumn are excellent times to visit Sedona, providing somewhat of a ‘goldilocks’ effect to everything, especially the natural surroundings.

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We have a wide selection of vacation homes for rent in Sedona AZ and all the neighborhoods, from the gallery district Uptown to the quaint Village of Oak Creek. No matter the time of year you wish to visit, we can find the perfect Sedona vacation homes to complement your getaway. Contact today to book Sedona rentals! Click here and book our amazing 3-Bedroom Sedona Golf and Spa Retreat today!

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